Backpackers' Carnival


Everyone loves a good place to hang out. Whether that be a beach, a lake, the mountains or the woods…. it doesn’t matter. Lets join us for the next Bohemian Camping experience at Doladanga Island for Lake camping, roam around woods, boat ride or sit with campfire and kick back with some tunes, an adventure tent and friends. Here’s how: Book you slot reach our campsite and leave rest on us :)


Your stay at our Bohemian Carnival is going to be a unique and exciting experience in itself. We have couple and family adventure tents to choose from. Our camp offers you a common area cum dining space to enjoy your food. In evening, you can enjoy campfire with stories and have a taste of delicious chicken barbeque (Extra cost).  We have common western toilets with 24 hours running water. Starting from boat riding to jungle walk, from playing football in the campus to lying idly with your favorite book on the hammock, and watching beautiful sunset for hours sitting near the lake, our carnival has a whole bunch of exciting experiences to offer.


11:00 A.M. Check in Welcome Drinks

 (Nimbu Pani / Coconut Water)

1:30 P.M. Lunch

 (Rice, Dal, Brinjal fry, Vegetable Curry, Fish Curry)

6:00 P.M. Evening Snacks

 (Pakora, Puffed Rice, Tea)

9:00 P. M. Dinner

 (Rice / Roti, Vegetable Curry, Chicken Curry)

8:00 A.M.

(Next Day)


 (Puri, Vegetable Curry, Tea)

You can reach Doladanga Backpackers' Camp following two different routes. 


Route 1: Recomended 

Kolkata to Bankura (170 Km)

Bankura to Manbazar (60 Km)

Manbazar to Doladanga Backpackers' Camp (12 Km)


Route 2:

Kolkata to Purulia (250 Km)

Purulia to Manbazar (53 Km)

Manbazar Doladanga Backpackers' Camp (12 Km)

Apart from the serenity of nature, this carnival has much more to offer. From boat rides in the lake to Baul songs, Saal chicken and jungle walks Doladanga will satiate your desire to experience something new.

The best part for Carnival is its campfire where you get a wonderful chance to interact with the local people, listen to their stories while make some new friends. Also the magical beauty of the Kangsabati lake in the middle of a jungle in moonlit night is something that can surely take your breath away.

With a population of only 52 people known as the Mudikora Tribe, the village of Doladanga is rich in it’s tribal culture. The main livelihood of the people farming and fishing. Being an integral part of responsible tourism, Izifiso always focuses on lending a helping hand in developing the places they touch. In Doladanga, Izifiso is employing only the local people for all the area where manpower is needed. It helps in betterment if the livelihood of the people as well as empower them and make them more confident.

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