“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” ― Nelson Mandela

What does your mind desire? A break from Concrete Jungles and iron cages, or a sunset with Spanish Guitar acoustics, or may be an adrenaline rush? Walks down green meadows, under a cerulean sky, or skinny dipping for fossils? Izifiso means desire, and we at Izifiso, give wings to your desires! There’s a world beyond you that you wish to embrace and we take great pleasure in taking you on its trail. Let Go! Chart a different route, eat from an uncharted menu, discover secrets from old-world streets and rediscover your own city with us. Travel away from home, feel your goose bumps, sweat under the scorching sun on an uphill trek, dance in the twilight sands to the waves that crash on the shore, whisper to the Mangroves, gape at the constellations and let the mountain winds lull you to sleep…listen to the fables that need to be heard, weave a new chapter for the story of your life. Izifiso is a travelling portal which likes to offer off-beat experiences to travelers which encompass an authentic exposure to the culture and lifestyle of places and their people. Our motto is: Explore, Educate, Evolve.